Машина JWELL представлена на Международной выставке пластмасс в Турции в 2021 году

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    Time flies. On December 1st, the 30th Turkish International Plastics and Rubber Machinery Industry Exhibition Plaseurasia2021 opened at the Istanbul International Exhibition Center at the end of 2021.

    Affected by the epidemic, it has caused a big blow to international exchanges, especially for many companies planning to participate in overseas exhibitions. However, at this important moment, the pace of JWELL people on the world stage has never stopped.

    Международная выставка пластмасс в Турции
    Международная выставка пластмасс в Турции
    jwell machine

    In the predicament that most domestic companies were blocked from participating in the exhibition, JWELL people went against the trend and took the initiative to attack. Chairman He Haichao once again took command of the cape and personally led some domestic sales elites (Li Su, Xu Wenjuan, Zhao Qiang, Wang Dingyuan, Lu Gaoyuan, Lu Kun) and overseas sales teams (Stella Xu, Sabrina Chou, Jenny Chen, Mehdi, pedram, Yasen) to overcome With many difficulties, I went to Turkey to visit the exhibition site in person at booth 1002 in Hall 10 to exchange ideas face-to-face with customers, maintain existing customers, meet new customers, give customers enough confidence and support, and show that JWELL people are capable of satisfying customers stably. need.


    During the epidemic, the company’s commissioning technicians made various plans to go to different countries and overseas for equipment commissioning under the premise of preventing the epidemic. There are currently 5 engineers (Bi Hao, Chen Guanghan, Jia Peidong, Han Puding, Xu Xiufeng) in Turkey for customer equipment debugging.

    It is precisely because of these excellent employees, the concerted efforts of JWELL people, and excellent service capabilities that have won the JWELL brand a good reputation, which has made the performance and market share continue to increase, which has helped the JWELL brand to move forward in the international market.


    During the exhibition, JWELL machine booths were full of overseas agents and customers who came to consult and reached initial cooperation intentions with international customers.

    Over the years, the top exhibitions in the industry have never lacked the presence of JWELL. JWELL machine has shown strong development momentum to overseas businesses. Every time it participates in the exhibition, JWELL products are particularly eye-catching. Relying on large international exhibitions such as the German K exhibition, Chinaplas in China, and NPE in the United States, JWELL competes with world-famous companies. With its super technical strength and innovative capabilities, it is recognized by more and more companies around the world. Further, continue to open up the international market and take solid steps to build the international core competitiveness.

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