China plastic extrusion machine operation matters

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    1. introduction

    In the china plastic extrusion machine equipment, the plastic extruder is usually called the main machine, and the follow-up equipment with it is called the auxiliary machine. After more than 100 years of development, plastic extruders have been derived from the original single-screw, twin-screw, multi-screw, and even no-screw models.

    china plastic extrusion machine (host) can be used with various plastic forming auxiliary machines such as pipe, film, holding material, monofilament, flat wire, packing belt, extruded mesh, plate (sheet) material, profiled material, granulation, cable coating, etc. Match to form various plastic extrusion molding production lines to produce various plastic products. Therefore, china plastic extrusion machine is one of the most widely used machines in the plastics processing industry now or in the future.

    2. Operation of china plastic extrusion machine

    The plastic extrusion unit is composed of an extruder (host) and multiple auxiliary equipment. During production, the crew should cooperate closely with the operation. The operator must be familiar with the growth process and operating procedures.

    JWELL compounding machine
    JWELL compounding machine

    Extrusion process of plastic extruder

    china plastic extrusion machine is hot extrusion equipment. The coiled cable or cable core is placed on the pay-off device, and a certain tension is ensured. After passing through the tensioning and straightening device, it enters the extruder head to extrude the insulating layer or sheath layer.

    jwell extrusion plastic particles are fed into the barrel of the extruder through the hopper. Due to the rotation of the screw, they enter the machine chamber. On the one hand, they are heated. Complete and tight continuous extrusion on the wire and cable core or cable core.

    china plastic extrusion machine In order to control the thickness and extrusion pressure of the plastic layer, the annular distance between the die core and the die sleeve should be adjusted to make the plastic layer uniform. Each unit in the unit adopts a separate drive, and the working speed of each unit can be adjusted separately.

    The speed of the screw and the traction should be well matched with each other to ensure that the outer diameter of the wire and cable extrusion and the thickness of the plastic layer are uniform, and meet the requirements of the process size. The speed of pay-off and take-up should be well matched with the production speed of wires and cables to prevent other quality problems.

    Control the temperature according to the process regulations, select a suitable mold, and often observe the change of the heating system, the change of the outer diameter, and the change of the speed to prevent the eccentricity, scorch, and poor plasticization of the plastic layer.

    3. Operating procedures for china plastic extrusion machine

    (1) Before starting the china plastic extrusion machine, the operator should check the lubrication, transmission, electrical control and other conditions of each part of the equipment, and find the problem and immediately find the relevant personnel to solve it in time.
    (2) Select the mold according to the requirements of the product, and adjust the distance between the mold core and the mold sleeve to prevent the thickness deviation of the plastic layer from being too large.
    (3) To start the heating system 2 to 3 hours in advance, the temperature of each section should be adjusted according to the process regulations to prevent the temperature control from being too high or too low.
    (4) Before production, the quality of plastics and semi-finished products should be checked according to the process regulations, and production can only be carried out after confirming that they are qualified.
    (5) Prepare a suitable take-up reel for the china plastic extrusion machine according to the length of the product, and fully consider the bending radius of the wire and cable, and the wiring should be tight and tidy.
    (6) Prepare the traction rope, and test the rotation of the screw, traction speed, pay-off, take-up and wire transmission, heating control system, water circulation of the upper and lower water tanks of each electrical switch, etc., and start production after confirming that there is no problem.
    (7) china plastic extrusion machine drive

    • Put the qualified plastic into the hopper, open the plug, start the screw to continue to run the glue. The operator should pay attention to the feeding situation, and observe the indication of the ammeter and voltmeter pointer when running the glue. At this time, the operator is not allowed to leave the workplace to prevent problems.
    • After the plastic is extruded from the mold sleeve, the plasticization of the plastic should be observed. When the plastic is well plasticized, the mold should be corrected, and the thickness of the plastic should be adjusted evenly to prevent deviation of the plastic layer.
    • Sampling and checking the thickness of the plastic according to the process regulations, and check the quality of the plastic after extrusion, such as pores, surface plasticization, lumps, etc.
    • All conditions of china plastic extrusion machine are normal. After the production can meet the requirements of the process regulations, the crew should be actively organized to drive, and the operation should be divided and closely cooperated.
    • Put the lead through the head and start the traction. The speed of the screw and the traction should be controlled according to the thickness of the plastic layer specified by the process, so that the wires and cables will be neatly arranged on the take-up reel of the wiring device after passing through the traction. When the china plastic extrusion machine is passing through the wire, a special person should be sent to follow the wire connector, and attention should be paid to prevent the wire and cable from entering the water or the connector from being stuck.
    • The proofreading meter resets the zero position and makes the meter accurate. When the wire and cable are put on the coil, the unqualified connector line must be cut off, and the thickness and eccentricity must be checked, and the coil can be put on until it is qualified.
    • In the normal production process of china plastic extrusion machine, pay attention to the following points: product quality, observe and detect the surface quality of the plastic layer and the outer diameter of the product at any time.
      (8) Parking
      When the china plastic extrusion machine stops, the traction current must be cut off first, and then the main motor will be stopped. Open the bolt at the connection between the jwell extrusion head and the fuselage, close the insert plate of the feeding hopper, remove the head, and run off the plastic in the barrel and on the screw. Organize personnel to remove the mold core and mold sleeve in time, and clean the machine head and sieve plate.
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