PC/PMMA/GPPS/ABS Plastic Sheet Plate Extrusion Line

The Relationship Between Plasticizing Mechanism Of Upvc Extrusion Equipment And Formula Adjustment

Plastic extrusion moulding, such as UPVC (Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride) profile or pipe product moulding, is mainly formed through the compounding of PVC resin and related additives, extrusion moulding, shaping, traction, and cutting. Among them, raw materials, formula equipment and operating processes are the main factors of plastic extrusion moulding, directly affecting the quality and output

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PP and Wood Powder、Bamboo Powder and Fiber Composite Sheet Extrusion Line

What Factors Will PVC Wood-Plastic Extrusion Be Affected By?

The extrusion process of PVC wood plastic is generally influenced by the factors of forming temperature, screw speed, metering feeding speed, traction speed, working pressure of extruder, exhaust gas, and vacuum cooling. However, the extrusion process is related to the formulation system, extruder structure and performance, product shape, mold design, product quality requirements, and public

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vertical type dwc pipe machine

Precautions During The Operation Of PVC Pipe Extruder Machine

Correct and reasonable use of PVC pipe extruder machine can give full play to the machine’s efficiency, maintain good working conditions, and extend the machine’s service life. The use of PVC pipe extruder machine includes a series of links such as machine installation, adjustment, test run, operation, maintenance and repair. Its use has the typical

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High Polymer Composite Waterproof Roll Extrusion Line

Application Range Of Sheet Extrusion Machinery

1. Production Of Disposable Lunch Boxes With Degradable Materials 1. Fully biodegradable material lunch box: using PLA+PBS+biomass/minerals and other modified materials can produce a high temperature-resistant fully biodegradable material lunch box. There are two process methods: Two-step method: The raw materials are firstly filled with modified pellets, then extruded and thermoformed, using an ordinary single-screw

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EVA/POE/PVB/SGP Film Extrusion Line

Guidelines And Precautions For The Use Of Sheet Extrusion Lines

Preparatory steps before starting the sheet extrusion line Pre-dry the pellets of the extruded profile and further dry if necessary. Check whether the components, water, and air systems are in a standard, safe and reliable state. The parts that need lubrication should have sufficient lubricating oil. The running part should regularly fille with lubricating oil.

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pp honeycomb board extrusion line

Analysis And Solution Of Common Failures Of Plastic Extruder

The extruder is an essential piece of equipment for plastic molding processing and pelletizing. The extruder’s everyday use can give full play to the machine’s efficiency and maintain an excellent working condition. It must carefully keep unremittingly to extend the service life of the appliance. The extruder’s primary failure is abnormal noise and abnormal vibration

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pe pp pvc double wall corrugated pipe extrusion machine

Analysis of the Causes of Material Pouring in the Pipe Extruder

During the pipe extrusion process, gas needs to vent from the melt. If these gases cannot discharge in time, defects such as pores, bubbles, and surface dullness may appear on the surface or inside the pipe products, seriously affecting the physical and mechanical properties, chemical properties, and electrical properties pipe. There are 1 to 2

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PET PP PA POY FDY BCF spinning machine

What Are The Types Of Spinning Machines? What Is Its Main Function?

A spinning machine is a machine that makes a fiber-forming polymer solution or melts from filaments. According to different fiber spinning methods, spinning machines are divided into three types: wet spinning machine, melt spinning machine, and dry spinning machine. Wet spinning machine Suitable for spinning viscose fiber, acrylic fiber, nylon, etc. The main feature is

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PVC PPR PE pipe extrusion line

Common Problems And Solutions In The Process Of PE Pipe Extrusion

In the plastic pipe production line, the operator’s unskilled technology and the machine operation will cause the plastic pipe to appear rough on the outer surface, jitter ring inside, uneven wall thickness, insufficient roundness and so on. Therefore, timely adjustment of plastic pipes’ production process and troubleshooting of the plastic pipe production line can improve

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pe breathable film production line

Structure Characteristics And Process Flow Of PE Breathable Membrane

PE breathable membrane is a new type of waterproof polymer material. From the manufacturing process, the technical requirements are much higher than those of general waterproof materials. Simultaneously, from the quality point of view, the breathable membrane also has the functionality that other waterproof materials do not have features. PE breathable film is a new

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unnamed file

The Opening Ceremony of the 2020 “Jwell Class” was Successfully Held

In order to further deepen school-enterprise cooperation and promote school-enterprise talent training. On November 6, 2020, Shanghai Jwell Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Agriculture and Forestry Vocational Technical College successfully held the opening ceremony of the 2020 “Jwell Class” in the lecture hall of the school’s R&D building. Jian Zuping, President of Jiangsu Agriculture

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