• Casting Film Roller

    Casting Film Roller

    JWELL manufactured casting film roller strictly according to European professional manufacturing standards. Several steps of the welding and heat treatment process are applied to give insurance to the overall rigidity and reliability of the roller structure.

  • Micro Structure Roller

    Micro-Structure Roller for Optical Film & Sheet

    Microstructure roller makes the microstructure treat for the roller surface after the copperize, nickelage, to be the height class optics sheet or film which will be the key module parts of the LCD panel. The final product used in the LCD/LED display, mobile phone, 3D raster, prismatic lens, and microlens.

  • Thin Wall Efficient Roller detail

    Thin-Wall Efficient Roller

    For the thin-walled high-efficiency roller, the surface shell thickness is only 50%-70% of the standard roller; by reducing the area of the strikes, and enlarging the contact area with cooling water, the thermal conversion efficiency is increased. And to offset the roller rigidity, the overall circular runner design is adopted to increase the intensity of the roller. Under the same working condition, the thin wall high-efficiency roller boosted plate and sheet line output by 20% to 50%.

  • Super Mirror Roller

    Super Mirror Roller

    Used for optical grade plates, sheets, and film products.

    Super mirror surface roller is a key part of sheet and plate equipment. The rule is that the more smooth and precise the roller surface, the better the product quality.

    And, JWELL machine always strikes for the smallest possible surface roughness tolerance to the level of Ra0.005um.

  • JW-B-A1

    Plate Die Series

    PVC coating die adopts special channel of coat-hanger structure, adjustable upper die lip, perpendicular blocking bar, the thickness of production can be adjusted.
    In pairs,special-purpose conveyor belts with different thicknesses and sizes can be produced. These kinds of products are widely used in mining, storage, transportation, and so on.

  • JW-P-K1

    Sheet Die Series

    Fast opening die series, the upper die lip with fine-tuning push-pull type, the flexible lower die lip can adjusting product thickness online without stopping, the Max adjusting range up to 5 mm, Equip with 45 ° blocking bar, it is suitable for produce PC, PS, PP, PE, PLA, single-layer or multi-layer plate.

  • Auto casting Film Die series

    Film Die Series

    The film dies head adopts an extension V shape water-drop type flow channel, with the shunt technology and special triangle stabilize the structure. To composite layer and improve the precision of the extrusion process to eliminate ‘M’ shape and ‘W’ shape flow patterns effectively.

  • PLA PBAT biodegradable compounding machine
    Pelletizing line

    PLA PBAT biodegradable compounding machine

    The PLA PBAT biodegradable compounding machine has very good processing performance and can be processed in existing plastics. Various types of molding processing are performed on general-purpose equipment, which has the best processing performance of degradable plastics.

  • BCF Carpet Spinning Line
    Spinning Machine

    BCF Carpet Spinning Line

    BCF Carpet Spinning Line main feature adopts modular equipment combination such as spinning, drafting, winding, etc., which can produce single-color and three-color BCF carpet yarn; adopts a weight-based color matching system to ensure the uniform color of the original yarn.

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