Compounding & Pelletizing Line

Jwell is the manufacturer of plastic pelletizing line with rich experience. We started to make extruders for screw pelletizing machine, repelletizing machine for over a decade. We have promoted successfully to manufacturing flake twin screw extruder.
Our plastic pelletizers are able to do bottle flakes recycling and pelletizing production. Screw extruder machine is specialized automotive metalworking lathes. Jwell pelletizing extruders have special screw design and different configuration, it is suitable for recycling and pelletizing of plastic raw materials.
The supporting facilities of the Pelletizing line are complete, which can realize automatic continuous production, from raw material crushing, stranding to cutting into pellets.
The production line has a small footprint, low power consumption, high quality of finished products, and a wide range of applications. It adopts a split power distribution system to ensure safer motor operation.

The main equipment of the Pelletizing Line consists of a high mixer, a mixer, an automatic hopper, a granulator, a centrifugal cyclone, a vibrating distribution screen and a storage bucket, which realizes automatic integrated granulation of chemical raw materials.

The granulation methods of different adhesives are also different. The most commonly used granulation modes in the industry are: twin-screw granulation, air-cooled granulation, water-cooled granulation, spray granulation, water-pull granulation, etc.

Pelletizing Line’s applicable products include: shoe granulation, sports equipment toy granulation, daily necessities pelletizing and other blow molding products.

The PET Pelletizing Line can also produce PET granule equipment after crushing, cleaning, high-vacuum drying, heating and plasticizing, drawing, cooling, granulation and processing of used PET industrial waste, food packaging containers, waste beverage bottles, etc., to be remanufactured into PET-related products, such as chemical fiber textile raw materials, PET sheet raw materials, engineering plastic injection molding materials, etc.


  • Tire twin screw extruder Recycle Line For Desulfurized Rubber
    Compounding & Pelletizing Line

    Tire Twin Screw Extruder Recycle Line For Desulfurized Rubber/ New Tires/Filler/Conveyor Belt Making


    Jwell tire recycling production line is a system that processes used or scrap tires into various useful products, such as recycled rubber powder and crumb rubber. The process typically involves shredding the tires, removing the steel wire and fiber, grinding the rubber into smaller particles, and then separating and classifying the different components. The end products can be used in a wide range of applications, including construction, automotive, sports surfaces, and more.


  • PLA PBAT biodegradable compounding machine
    Compounding & Pelletizing Line

    PLA PBAT biodegradable compounding machine

    The PLA PBAT biodegradable compounding machine has very good processing performance and can be processed in existing plastics. Various types of molding processing are performed on general-purpose equipment, which has the best processing performance of degradable plastics.

  • PET Bottle Flakes Recycling Pelletizing Series
    Compounding & Pelletizing Line

    Twin Screw Compounding Line

    High Filler Masterbatch is made of talc, calcium carbonate, kaolin, and another inorganic powder compounding with resin and lubricants through twin-screw pelletization. lt is widely used in polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polyester, ABS, PS, EVA blown barrels, pipes, wire series, films, strapping, injection molding, extrusion, and so on. High Filler Masterbatch has these p「operties: enhanced, incremental reduce costs, improve heat resistancejow-car-bon environment.

  • Single screw extruder pelletizing line
    Compounding & Pelletizing Line

    Single screw pelletizing machine

    This single screw pelletizing machine suitable for recycling and pelletizing PP, PE, PET, PS, PA, PA6 raw materials with variable colors. High torque gearbox attains low noise function. Vacuum vented design extruder exhaust processing vapor or gas.

  • jwell PET Flake Twin Screw Pelletizing Line
    Compounding & Pelletizing Line

    PET flake twin screw pelletizing line

    JWELL as China Plastic Extruder Supplier, This PET twin screw extruder can do bottle flakes recycling and pelletizing production. Screw machine is specialized automative metalworking lathes. Pelletizing line is using common way to water cooling strand pelletizing. Electrical cabinet system is good at saving energy, installed advanced strand cutting in water.


  • International Commercial Terms(Incoterms): FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW
  • Terms of Payment: LC, T/T
  • Average Lead Time: Peak season lead time: 3-6 months, Off season lead time: 1-3 months
  • Number of Foreign Trading Staff:>50 People

Yes, We own 5 manufacturing bases and sales center in Shanghai , Suzhou ,Changzhou, Zhou Shan, Dongguan China.
Jwell made the first Chinese screw and barrel in 1978 in brand name Jinhailuo.After more than 40 years development,
JWELL is one of the biggest extrusion machine supplier in China with 300design&test engineer, 3000 employees.
Jwell has become the premier supplier of extrusion lines and reliable business partners. Welcome to drop in us.

Our machines taking the European standards and follow the Germany type of business, we cooperation with
International famous brands Siemens Schneider Flender Omron ABB WEG Falk Fuji etc. Our company continuously
imports over 1000 international first-class high precision processing equipment such as multistage machining centers, CNC lathes and CNC milling machines from Korea, Japan etc. All our processes strictly adhere to CE certification,
IS09001 and 2008 quality management system . And we have 12 months quality warranty time. We testing the
machine performances before each delivery. Jwell service engineers will always be here for anything you needed.

Usually it takes about 1 – 4 months depends on different machinery upon receipt of order advance payment.

Once clear your requirements and determined extrusion line is ideal for you. We will send technical solutions and
Proforma Invoice to you. You can pay via TT bank transfer, LC as you like.

One. We provide both customized extrusion lines and technical solutions. Welcome contact with us for technical
innovation or improvements for your future purchasing plan.

We produce more than 2000 advanced extrusion lines every year world wide.

We can send the small spare parts by air express for urgent matter. And the complete production line by sea
to save the cost. You can either use your own assigned shipping agent or our cooperative forwarder. The nearest
port is China Shanghai, Ningbo port, which is convenient for maritime transportation..

Yes, we support our business partners by pre-after sale service. Jwell has more than 300 technical testing
engineers traveling world wide. Any cases would be responded with prompt solutions. We provide training, testing,
operation and maintenance service for a life time.

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