PP PE Stone Paper Extrusion Line

compounding, mixing, extrusion to produce the special master batch, then through extruder, calendaring, stretching, cooling, surface treatment, coating, cutting and winding to produce origin paper. Its features for high efficiency, good quality, low cost production, smooth surface paper, especially used to print high grade album and book cover etc.

PP PE Stone Paper Extrusion Line Process flow:



  • Computer settings throughout the process, automatic monitoring, automatic recording and processing;
  • Automatically add raw materials, and automatically rewind the product;
  • The thickness of the product is automatically set and controlled;
  • Automatic dehumidification and automatic exhaust during the production process;
  • Automatic stretching, automatic calendering and automatic closed loop during the production process;
  • Automatic cutting and trimming during the production process, and automatic tension control.
  • Waste materials are automatically recycled, processed, and reproduced automatically;


PP PE Stone Paper Extrusion Line Main technical parameter

Model JWS150-JWS90 JW75/44-JW52/44
Products width(mm) 1700 1700
Products thickness(mm) 0.05-0.5 0.05-0.5
Max.extrusion capacity(kg/h) 700-800 400-500
Stretch ratio 0-10 0-10


PP PE Stone Paper Extrusion Line Product Description


Characteristics of stone paper


1. High strength

Including tensile strength, tear strength, and impact strength. For example, stone paper with a basis weight of 85 g/m2 has a tensile strength of 22, a tearing strength of 26, and a bursting strength of 10. It greatly exceeds ordinary plant fiber paper.

2. Excellent printing effect

The stone paper has a smooth surface, small elasticity, whiteness, large impermeability, and uniform thickness, so it can reproduce the vivid effect of the printing plate with clear lines and soft colors.

3. Outstanding resistance to water, oil, and chemicals

The stone paper is soaked in water, it will not be softened and damaged, and it can withstand the penetration of grease. It is resistant to chemical solutions such as acids and alkalis.

4. Dimensional stability, not easy to age

The size of the stone paper will not change in the air or in the wet state. Even if it is exposed to ultraviolet light for 1000 hours, the strength and appearance of the paper will not change.

5. Lightweight, good thermal insulation, not afraid of insects

The relative density (specific gravity) of polypropylene stone paper is only 0.25-0.30 g/cm3, which accounts for only 1/3 of the coating. Because the porosity of stone paper is much smaller than that of ordinary paper, its thermal insulation effect is obvious.


Stone paper features:


The stone paper production process is easy, high output、lower power consumption; not use plant fiber、not cut trees, save lots of wood, protect the natural environment; Don’t need to add strong acid、strong alkali、bleaching agent, etc. Chemical material, don’t drainage waste water、waste residue and toxic and harmful air, that’s the green environmental product.

Product with good mechanical performance、waterproof、moistureproof、moth-proofing, folding, tear-resistant, oil-resistant, non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution, stable geometry size, high printing resolution, good effect, can be natural degradation after with abandon for powder characteristics of return to nature, is widely used in gift packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, office supplies, decorative materials, and other areas of the printing products.


PP PE Stone Paper Extrusion Line Production cost advantage

Each ton of stone paper contains raw materials, electricity and manpower, and the cost is about 4,000 yuan/ton, which is at least 1/3 lower than the cost of traditional wood pulp paper. Each production line only invests 10 million-15 million or so, the input-output ratio is high, and the return on profit is fast. Each production line of the traditional paper industry needs about 100 million yuan.


Environmental protection and energy-saving advantages


  1. Energy-saving. The entire production process does not require water and consumes only 700W of electricity per ton of paper.
  2. High efficiency Each production line has a production capacity of 5000-8000 tons.
  3. Emission reduction No need for strong acid or alkali, no need for bleaching, no wastewater discharge.
  4. The high degree of automation It is automatically controlled by computer, saving manpower.

The social benefits of stone paper


  • Each ton of paper is equivalent to saving 23 trees that have grown for more than 10 years and about 200 tons of freshwater, and its unit energy consumption is only two-thirds of the traditional papermaking process.
  • Based on the calculation that each ton of stone paper product can replace 3.5 cubic meters of wood for paper production, an annual output of 10,000 tons of stone paper can save 35,000 cubic meters of wood, save 2 million tons of water, and reduce 650,000 tons of wastewater discharge.
  • It can reduce 58300 tons of CO2 emissions every year.
  • It can save 3.58 million kilowatt-hours of energy every year to develop the stone-paper industry is the only way to control air pollution, cope with climate change, and develop a low-carbon economy.


PP PE Stone Paper Extrusion Line Application


PE Stone Paper Sheet Line

Equipment list

  1. JW90/40 Feeding unit 1set
  2. JW90/40 single screw extruder1set
  3. JW150/40 Feeding unit     1set
  4. JW150/40 single screw extruder     1set
  5. Hydraulic screen changer   2sets
  6. Melting Pump          2sets
  7. Feed block unit       1set
  8. Normal die head        1set
  9. Calender              1set
  10. Roller temperature controller  1set
  11. MDO longitudinal stretching unit     1set
  12. Cooling&forming unit       1set
  13. Thickness scanner       1set
  14. longitudinal trimming unit    1set
  15. Waste trimming winder    1set
  16. 16.Corona device           1set
  17. Haul off unit          1set
  18. Sheet storage unit        1set
  19. Double position automatic winder   1set
  20. Electric control system     1set
  21. Spare parts list         1set

Application and machine photo


PP PE Stone paper extrusion line


Stone paper has been used a lot in packages, wallpaper, advertisements, notebook. With the development of new processes and formulae, the stone paper application scope will be bigger and bigger.


  • International Commercial Terms(Incoterms): FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW
  • Terms of Payment: LC, T/T
  • Average Lead Time: Peak season lead time: 3-6 months, Off season lead time: 1-3 months
  • Number of Foreign Trading Staff:>50 People

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