• TPU Transparent Film、Hot Melt Film Extrusion Line
    Film Extrusion Line

    TPU Film Extrusion Line

    TPU film is formed by the extrusion of TPU particles through the TPU film extrusion line. There are mainly four processing methods: blow molding, casting, calendering or calendering sheet forming, and extrusion coating. The TPU Film Extrusion Line adopts high-speed extrusion calendering and casting. The product quality is excellent and controllable. The thickness of the product is 0.01-2.0 mm, and the width is 1000-3000 mm. It is suitable for TPU film products with transparent color, frosting, fog surface, and multilayer composite.

  • PVC Dual pipe extrusion machine
    Pipe Extrusion Line

    PVC Dual pipe extrusion machine

    Corresponding to the different requirements of pipe diameter and output, Jwell manufactures two types of SJZ80 and SJZ65 special twin-screw extruders optional; the dual pipe die evenly distributes the material output, and the pipe extrusion speed is quickly plasticized.

  • PP Hollow Plate Extrusion Line
    Plate extrusion Line

    PP Hollow Plate Extrusion Line

    The pp hollow cross section plate made by PP Hollow Plate Extrusion Line is light and high strength, moistureproof good environmental protection and refabrication perfor mance. The pp hollow plate can be processed into the reusable container, packing case, clapboard, backing plate, and culet.

  • PVC profile production line
    Profile Extrusion Line

    PVC profile production line

    The PVC profile extrusion lines equipped with conical twin screw extruder or parallel are used for PVC plastic window profiles, Steel-plastic composite profiles, decorative profiles, etc. The production line consists of the control system, conical twin-screw extruder, calibration unit, haul-off unit, cutter, film covering machine and stacker.

  • PP PE PVC WPC profile line
    Profile Extrusion Line

    Wood Plastic Machine

    The wood plastic products can be produced by two-step profile extrusion machine or pelletize first then through extrusion machine. It will save power and place and has some features of high output, stable extrusion pressure, high plasticity, and good mixing.

  • pvb eva poe extrusion line
    Film Extrusion Line

    PVB EVA POE cast film extrusion line

    PVB/SGP/EVA film is a thermo-plastic film made of PVB/SGP resin and plasticizer. It is widely used for interlayer of construction glass, automobile, solar photovoltaic glass, bullet-proof glass, sound proof glass, etc. Features high safety, sound proof, ultravio let-proof, and can be colorful or super transparent, and used for construction wall glass for more than 70 years. Also it is of Optical application value, and solar photovoltaic as well.

    There are two types of production method: by roller forming and water cooling forming, the thickness of final product will be 0.38-1.52mm, width will be 500-3400mm, transparent, color strip and full color film are optional.

  • pp pe pom board extrusion line
    Board Extrusion Line

    PP PE POM board extrusion line

    Polypropylene (PP PE) extruded sheet is a plastic sheet made of PP PE resin added to various functional additives through extrusion, calendering, cooling, cutting and other processes. The PP board is a semi-crystalline material. It is harder and has a higher melting point than PE. Since the PP temperature of the homopolymer type is very brittle above 0 ° C, many commercial PP materials are random copolymers of 1 to 4% ethylene or a clamp copolymer of a higher ratio of ethylene. Copolymer type PP material has low heat distortion temperature (100 ° C), low transparency, low gloss, low rigidity, but has stronger impact resistance.

  • 50/100/160 Double Layer Blow Molding Machine
    Blow molding machine

    50/100/160 Double Layer Blow Molding Machine

    • Suitable for producing 20-200L double layer open-top drums, double  “L”ring drums.
    • Adopt high output extrusion system, double layer accumulating type die head.
    • Performance and advantages The outer layer is in dark or blue color which can resisit UV&light  aging.The inner layer is in resin color to ensure purity of’s more secure to use.Inner layer use recycled material, fit for the  RECO rules, good for environmental protection, and meanwhile ensure the whole quality of the product.
  • 500/1000 Blow Molding Machine
    Blow molding machine

    500/1000 Pallet Blow Molding Machine

    • Suitable for producing 500-1000L big size Chemical revolving barrel.
    • Adopt high output extrusion system,accumulating type die head,hydraulic servo control system.
  • 5D/12D/20D Double Station Blow Molding Machine
    Blow molding machine

    5D/12D/20D Double Station Blow Molding Machine

    Suitable for the production of various specifications of 100ml~3000ml milk bottles, soy sauce pots, rice wine pots, 200ml~5000ml various shampoo, shower gel, detergent and other cleaning products plastic bottles;
    · Optional pearlescent layer co-extrusion system;
    · According to product specifications, optional double die head, three die head, four die head, six die head;
    · According to the raw material, JW-DB plate single-station hydraulic screen changing system can be selected;
    · According to product specifications, optional double die head, three die head, four die head, six die head;
    · According to customer requirements, add in-mold labeling machine, online burr removal, online burr conveying, online finished product conveying, online packing, etc.;

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