Application Range Of Sheet Extrusion Machinery

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    1. Production Of Disposable Lunch Boxes With Degradable Materials

    1. Fully biodegradable material lunch box: using PLA+PBS+biomass/minerals and other modified materials can produce a high temperature-resistant fully biodegradable material lunch box.

    There are two process methods:

    • Two-step method: The raw materials are firstly filled with modified pellets, then extruded and thermoformed, using an ordinary single-screw extruder;
    • One-step method: The raw materials are directly extruded and thermoformed after being mixed, using a twin-screw extruder or a vented single screw.


    • High filling modification of degradable plastic biomass: low product cost, but the complicated process and high equipment requirements;
    • High filling and modification of minerals: high product cost, but a simple process and low equipment requirements;
    PLA PBAT biodegradable compounding machine
    PLA PBAT biodegradable compounding machine

    2. PLA raw materials directly produce tableware, which is suitable for cold product packaging.

    Polylactic acid PLA is a biodegradable resin. It can use for rigid packaging of fruits, vegetables, eggs, cooked food and baked foods, and the packaging of goods such as sandwiches, biscuits and flowers. The produced sheets can be thermoformed by positive and negative pressure.

    3. CPLA sheet: CPLA is a modified PLA with high-temperature resistance and is usually used in microwave ovens.

    4. Polypropylene stone powder environmental protection sheet moulding production line(PP+CaCO3)

    Using modified materials such as PP + bio-based + minerals can produce high-temperature resistant degradable lunch boxes, trays, etc.

    2. PP/PS Lunch Box Stationery Sheet Forming Production Line

    PP/PS single-layer sheet/co-extruded two-colour sheet, PP double-sided high transparent sheet and other sheets used in the blister packaging industry.

    PE PP PVC Double wall corrugated pipe extrusion line
    PE PP PVC Double wall corrugated pipe extrusion line

    PP transparent sheets, frosted sheets (coarse sand, fine sand), two-colour sheets, etc., are used in the lunch box and stationery packaging industries. 

    PS conductive sheet is mainly used in semiconductor electronic computer communications and other products, especially in the packaging of accessories or equipment that require dust-free, non-static discharge protection and shielding electromagnetic wave/radio frequency interference.

    3. PP/EVA/EVOH/(PS)EVA/PP(PE) Five-Layer Or Seven-Layer Co-Extrusion Composite High-Barrier Fresh-Keeping Packaging

    This product has good gas barrier properties and moisture barrier properties and is a plastic packaging material with good gas barrier properties.

    They are mainly used in jelly packaging, food packaging such as meat food, fast food, rice, medicine, cosmetics and other packaging.

    4. ABS, HIPS Single-Layer And Multilayer Sheet Production Line

    • ABS thick plate production line: ABS thick plate is used in home appliances, electronics, packaging, medical equipment and other fields.
    • ABS, HIPS/GPPS refrigerator board: Mainly used for refrigerator freezer door liner, inner liner, drawer, water tray, water dispenser, etc.
    • ABS/PMMA composite sanitary ware board: used in hygienic products such as bathtubs, shower rooms, steam rooms, and sinks.
    • ABS/PC composite luggage board: mainly used for various trolley cases, suitcases, leisure bags and other luggage.
    • ABS, ABS + PC alloy car panels: Main uses: car roofs, dashboards; seatbacks, door panels, window frames; motorcycles, ATVs, scooters, golf carts and other shells.

    5. PET/PLA Cold Drink Fruit Box Sheet Forming Production Line

    1. PET sheet: It can be used for rigid packaging of fruits, vegetables, eggs, cooked food and baked food, and also for packaging of goods such as sandwiches, biscuits and flowers.

    The twin-screw non-drying and exhaust-type PET sheet production line have the characteristics of low energy consumption, simple process, and convenient equipment maintenance. Its unique screw combination structure effectively reduces the viscosity drop of the PET resin. The symmetrical thin-walled roller improves the cooling efficiency while improving productivity and sheet quality. The multi-component feeding device can reasonably control the new material and return. The ratio of raw materials, colour masterbatch, etc., the produced sheet can use in the fields of positive and negative pressure thermoforming cold drinks, printing and packaging.

    2. Polylactic acid PLA: It is produced with entirely biodegradable materials, which meets today’s environmental protection development requirements and is the development trend of the industry.

    3. PET three-dimensional lenticular film: generally applicable to three-dimensional anti-counterfeiting outer packaging such as cosmetics, medicines, tobacco and alcohol packaging and general commodities, as well as stationery, pendants, advertising, posters, various cards, elevators and other fields.

    6. APET/PETG Sheet Furniture Production Line

    PETG, commonly known as low-temperature PET, is a new environmentally friendly packaging material with high gloss, high transparency, excellent barrier properties and self-adhesive properties. It can use for glue bonding and high-frequency processing.

    APET/PETG co-extruded sheet: It is processed with ordinary APET raw materials and special modified PET raw materials. Because of its superior cost performance, PC has gradually replaced PC endurance boards in many constructions, decoration, advertising, etc.

    7. Environmental Protection Polypropylene (PP) Decorative Sheet Production Line

    This product is based on hot-melt calendered polypropylene, the bottom surface is compounded with a high-temperature resistant back coating, and the feeling is chemically modified to attach printing ink and wear-resistant layer, which overcomes the defects of polypropylene material that is not easy to bond and print—Veneer decorative film with a multilayer composite structure.

    The product has strong water resistance, pollution resistance, dry heat resistance, cold and heat resistance, stable mechanical properties, and steam-sterilisation. The surface of the product is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and has long-lasting colour. It is a safe, environmentally friendly and durable artificial board and other surface decoration materials.

    8. TPU Cast Composite (Invisible Car Clothing Film) Production Line

    TPU invisible car jacket is a new type of high-performance environmental protection film, a common name for transparent paint protective film.

    This kind of product has super toughness. After installation, it can isolate the car paint surface from the air and has a long-lasting high gloss. In addition, the car coat film has scratching and self-repairing properties to protect the paint surface for a long time.

    tpu film extrusion line
    tpu film extrusion line

    9. PP Melt-Blown Non-Woven Fabric (Mask Cloth) Production Line

    Melt blown material is mainly made of polypropylene, and the fibre diameter can reach 1 to 5 microns.

    There are many voids, fluffy structures and good wrinkle resistance. In addition, the ultra-fine fibres of the product can increase the number and surface area of ​​threads in a unit area so that the melt-blown cloth has good filterability, shielding, heat insulation and oil absorption.

    Melt blown cloth can use in air, liquid filter materials, isolation materials, absorbent materials, mask materials, thermal insulation materials, oil-absorbing materials, and wipe cloths.

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