Suzhou Jwell Invites You To Participate In The Global Extrusion Engineer Pipeline Technology Exchange Conference

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    Suzhou JWELL is a high-tech manufacturer dedicated to the development and manufacturing of plastic pipe extrusion molding equipment.

    The factory covers an area of more than 400 acres. The company has a high-quality R&D team and an experienced team of mechanical and electrical commissioning engineers, as well as a mechanical processing base and a standardized assembly workshop.

    In line with the enterprise spirit of “persistence, hard work and innovation”, the company constantly seeks to squeeze out new areas of development, and continues to provide customers with products of “excellent quality and perfect consistency”.

    Horizontal pressure water-cooled double-wall corrugated pipe production line

    Horizontal pressure water cooled double wall corrugated pipe production line

    The latest horizontal double-wall corrugated pipe production line developed by JWELL is a new generation of horizontal pressure water-cooled production line independently researched and developed on the basis of fully absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology. It has more than ten invention patents.

    Performance characteristics:

    1. There are many types of extruders to choose from, which can realize the production of various HDPE and PP pipes, and can also meet the production needs of single-wall corrugated pipes.

    2. The sizing sleeve is made of aluminum alloy or alloy steel, and the surface has been treated with wear resistance; the pipe waveform is calculated by a special software program, and a better ring stiffness can be obtained under the same meter weight.

    3. The sliding base of the molding machine is gear-driven, equipped with large-size needle bearings, which improves the bearing capacity of the sliding base; it runs more smoothly and has a longer life.

    4. The production line has a fixed center height, no need to adjust again when changing specifications.

    5. The production line modules of different specifications are universal, and the quick-release module design makes the module loading and unloading convenient and fast; the unique cooling design in the module allows the cooling water to flow quickly inside the module to achieve rapid cooling and shaping of the pipe; the main drive is driven by a two-speed motor, Can realize stable and accurate operation.

    6. It adopts the control system composed of advanced PLC and color large-screen liquid crystal display, which can be adjusted by a single machine, linked on the whole line, simple operation, stable and reliable production, high degree of automation, and automatic fault alarm.

    7. In addition to the single-screw extruder, this production line can also be produced by a conical twin-screw extruder and parallel twin-screw extruder. The three types of extruders are all produced by JWELL, with precise electronic control, good plasticization and stable operation, which can meet the needs of different customers for products.

    The main parameters
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