The working principle of China poy spinning machine

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    With the development of society, people have higher and higher requirements for various properties of clothing fabrics. In addition to stiffness, drape, and softness, the fabrics are also required to have the characteristics of multi-color, warmth retention, and good elasticity. Ordinary polyester filaments have been Can not meet the above requirements. In recent years, through the gradual transformation of equipment, China poy spinning machine produces polyester composite (POY + DTY) yarn; its fabric has obvious two-color and concave-convex effect and has a certain elasticity, widely used in summer men’s T-shirts. Winter Thermal underwear is trendy among users and achieves excellent economic benefits. Different specifications of POY and DTY are compounded to produce different colours and feel.
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    The difference between FDY, DYT and POY

    FDY: Fully drawn yarn, synthetic fibre filament further obtained by spinning and drawing. The fibres are sufficiently stretched to be used directly for textile processing.

    After the yarn passes through the spinning nozzle, its elongation is pulled to less than about 3%, and no deformation processing is performed. The appearance is smooth, and the fibre is not bulky. The adhesion between the fibres is relatively high. Hard (as opposed to DTY) apparel generally uses its silk-like properties.

    POY: Pre-oriented yarn, made of POY as raw yarn and processed by stretching and false twisting. The products of China poy spinning machines often have certain elasticity and shrinkage. The spinning speed is over 3000 m/min. The winding yarn has a higher degree of orientation than the conventional spinning and winding tale—stability but still low crystallization.

    The yarn raw material of China poy spinning machine generally uses POY. After false twisting, the fibres of the yarn are separated into a bulky shape, and the cross section is irregular. The air permeability is better than that of FDY, and the hand feeling is softer than FDY. Due to the development of ultra-fine and sea-island yarns, the use trend is mainly sanding. Compared with undrawn yarn, it has a certain degree of orientation and good stability and is often used as a special yarn for drawing false-twist textured yarn (DTY).

    DTY: stretch textured yarn. Using synthetic fibre thermoplastics, twisting and then untwisting is used to obtain a spring-like shape, similar to twisting but a false twist. It is made using POY of China poy spinning machine as raw yarn, then stretched and false twisted. Often have a certain elasticity and shrinkage.

    China poy spinning machine process

    The basic principle of China poy spinning machine spinning is to completely break the original local horizontal connection in the fibre and firmly establish the vertical relationship of an end-to-end connection.

    The China poy spinning machine twists many animal and plant fibres together and spins them into threads or yarns, which can be used to weave into cloth. All spinning devices do only two things: first aggregate a large number of short fibres into loose cotton threads, and then pull out the cotton threads little by little, twist them into fine cotton threads, and the cotton threads become longer after turning.

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    The so-called China spinning is an act of taking animal or plant fibres and twisting them to form a continuous and infinitely extending yarn, which is suitable for weaving. The twist of the yarn itself will naturally and tightly hold the fibres together, which is very beneficial for weaving or knitting. The twist of the yarn is related to the diameter of the thread. The measurement method is determined by the number of turns in each inch of the rope and expressed as low, medium or high. Usually, the higher the twist, the more the number of turns of the yarn. The strength of the thread is better. Low twist yarns often create smooth, shiny or soft matte fabrics. Conversely, wrinkled or rough-surfaced materials require high-twist cords.

    China poy spinning machine needs to remove impurities first in the spinning process, that is, preliminary processing of raw materials, also known as the preparation of spinning raw materials. The types of raw materials are different, the types and properties of impurities are different, and the processing methods and processes are also other. The primary processing methods of raw materials mainly include physical methods, chemical methods and methods combining physical and chemical methods.

    The loosening of fibres is to altogether remove the lateral connection between fibres. However, fibre damage must be minimized as much as possible. The assembly of fibers is to re-establish the ordered longitudinal connection of the fibers that are decomposed. This connection is continuous, and the distribution of fibers in the assembly should be uniform and have a certain linear density and strength simultaneously.

    The above is about JWELL China, as the manufacturer of China poy spinning machine, and the sharing of relevant knowledge points of poy spinning machine. For purchasing personnel, on the one hand, the technical strength and service quality of the manufacturer should be considered. On the other hand, it must be combined with the enterprise Controls and mechanical functions required for customization, which positively impact enterprise Supplier production and product quality. If necessary, please feel free to contact jwell at any time!

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