Development and breakthrough of china plastic extrusion machine

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    In recent years, the china plastic extrusion machine market has made great breakthroughs, the china plastic extrusion machine companies have developed the emerging market for extruders, the brand awareness has been further increased, market cooperation has been further improved, and the export share to emerging countries will also be significant. To improve.
    plastic extruder detail

    After long-term development, the international influence of the china plastic extrusion machine industry has been continuously improved, the ability to deal with trade protectionism has been enhanced, and the level of manufacturing technology and overall strength has been further improved. Therefore, my country’s extrusion machine industry has many favorable conditions for foreign trade exports. Because my country’s extruder products are closely related to strategic new industries, have the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, and high cost performance, the export to developed countries is mainly low-end. This part of the consumer demand is rigid, so the extruder industry. There is still a large market space for development.

    In the plastic machinery market, plastic extruder, as an important processing equipment, plays a pivotal role in processing packing tape, sheet, film, granulation, profile, and other products. The development of extruder processing technology has always been the focus of the development of the plastics processing industry. For a long time, the development of its processing technology has directly affected the development of the plastic processing industry.

    After decades of accumulation and precipitation of technology, certain breakthroughs have been made in the development of china plastic extrusion machine technology. With the development of the plastic processing industry in the direction of extremeization, precision and high speed, the related plastic extruders also show the development characteristics of high efficiency, multi-function and low energy consumption. "Made in China" plastic extruders have become a "modern" pattern.

    Module Integration Specialization

    With the development of china plastic extrusion machine becoming more and more perfect, different types of extruders with different functions have appeared in the plastic processing market. The variety of extruders can be dazzling. Therefore, the factory adopted a modular production method for the extruder. This production method can not only adapt to the requirements of different plastic products, but also meet the special needs of different users, so that users can obtain the products they want in the first time.

    In addition, this production method can shorten the development cycle of new products and strive for a larger market share. The specialization in the production process can arrange fixed-point production or even global procurement of various system module components of extrusion molding equipment, which is very beneficial to ensuring the quality of the whole period, reducing costs, and accelerating capital turnover.
    Casting Film Roller

    High-efficiency and high-speed production capacity

    The characteristics of high output and low energy consumption of china plastic extrusion machine promote its development in the direction of high efficiency and high speed. Take the co-rotating twin-screw extruder as an example. China JWELL as a manufacturer of extruders, its Film Co-extrusion Line adopts high torque gearbox. This type of gearbox has stable performance, long life and large load capacity. The gear box ratio torque reaches 14Nm/cm3, and the output speed can reach 1800r/min. In addition, increasing the diameter of the screw can also improve the production capacity of the extruder. When the diameter of the screw is doubled, the production capacity of the extruder can be increased several times, thereby improving the production efficiency of the extruder.

    Intelligent control network

    Plastic extruders in many developed countries have been artificially intelligentized, and modern electronic and computer control technologies are generally used. The addition of intelligent technology can improve product accuracy and make the entire processing process more stable. Although the current level of intelligence of china plastic extrusion machines is not as good as that of foreign countries, with the continuous innovation of technology, China’s extruders have also achieved certain results in the field of intelligence. For example, the intelligent temperature control system and intelligent monitoring system of extruder.

    china plastic extrusion machine market characteristics

    First, the industry is paying more and more attention to high-efficiency and energy-saving technologies, and energy-saving, high-efficiency and high-yield extruders have become an important direction of technological innovation.

    Second, the demand for high-performance flexible packaging films in food, beverage, and new energy industries continues to rise, driving the continuous innovation of multi-layer co-extrusion technology for plastic films.

    Third, china plastic extrusion machine technology has begun to increase research and development efforts in the fields of various supporting parts and auxiliary equipment, and the pace of application and expansion of new technologies has accelerated, promoting the rapid improvement of the overall technical level.

    After long-term development, the international influence of china plastic extrusion machine has been continuously improved. In the future, my country’s plastic extrusion machine will continue to follow the international development trend and innovate and improve its own technology. As a plastic extruder manufacturer, China JWELL strives to develop a more efficient, stable, safe and quality extruder according to the market demand.

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