Basic introduction of advanced PVC rigid sheet extrusion line

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China JWELL is a manufacturer of advanced PVC rigid sheet extrusion line. Its PVC sheet is also called polyvinyl chloride plastic, a polymer formed by free radical polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer. The English name is polyviny chloride or PVC for short. The classification of PVC Transparent Sheet and Rigid Sheet Extrusion Line is as follows:

  • The color can be divided into natural color film, slightly blue light film, various colored film.
  • According to the transparency, it is divided into transparent sheet, translucent sheet and opaque sheet.
  • According to surface treatment, it can be divided into light film, frosted film (thickness), single and double film, matte white (black).
  • According to the grade can be divided into new and ordinary new materials.
  • According to function, it can be divided into antistatic sheet and anti-ultraviolet sheet.

Processing flow of PVC sheet: PVC resin conveying system → batching process → high-speed mixer → cooling high-speed mixer → extruder → double-roll mill → calendering unit → peeling roll → embossing roll → cooling roll → thickness measuring device → Coiler → Finished Product
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Preparation before starting

1.Mold preparation and installation

advanced pvc rigid sheet extrusion line According to the production arrangement, find out the mold for producing the product, and related sizing sleeves, rubber rings, fixtures, heating sheets, heating rings and operating tools.
Check the parts of the mold and the sizing sleeve, and polish the parts that are in contact with the material.
Install the corresponding molds, sizing sleeves, rubber rings, fixtures, heating sheets, heating rings, etc.
Adjust the die gap of the mold, and connect the heating plate and the power cord of the heating coil.

2.Inspection of advanced PVC rigid sheet extrusion line host

Check whether the water, gas, and oil circuits of the advanced PVC rigid sheet extrusion line are smooth, and whether there is water leakage, air leakage, oil leakage, etc.
Turn on the power of the advanced pvc rigid sheet extrusion line host, turn on the power switch of each heating unit, and set a relatively low temperature. Use a thermometer to check whether the heating of each heating unit is normal and whether each temperature control instrument is normal, and then turn off the heating unit. the power switch.
Check whether the vacuum pump of the main engine is running normally, whether its pipeline is smooth, and whether there is air leakage, water leakage or blockage.
Check whether the feeding device operates normally.
After the above steps are all normal, turn on the heating switch of each section of the mold, and set the initial process temperature at about 120 degrees.

3.Inspection of advanced PVC rigid sheet extrusion line auxiliary machine

  1. Inspection of cooling water tank
  • Turn on the power switch of the advanced pvc rigid sheet extrusion line cooling water tank。
  • Press the front and rear movement switch of the cooling water tank to check whether the front and rear movement of the water tank is normal。
  • Open the water inlet valve of the cooling water tank, turn on the operation switch of the water pump, check whether the water inlet and spray device are blocked, open the water outlet valve of the water tank, and check whether the water outlet is normal。
  • Turn on the advanced PVC rigid sheet extrusion line sink vacuum pump and check the operation of the vacuum pump。
  • Check whether the level of the cooling water tank and its center line are in the same line with the center line of the extruder。
  1. Tractor
  • Start the tractor and check whether the traction of the tractor is normal;
  • Press the push-down and lift-up switches of the tractor to check whether the air circuit is normal;
  • Check whether the track position of the tractor can be adjusted;
    Other Special Pipe Production Line

    advanced pvc rigid sheet extrusion line boot

  1. China JWELL as advanced pvc rigid sheet extrusion line manufacturer, re-confirm whether the temperature rise of the extruder is normal when starting up, and after the temperature of the mold reaches above 150℃, re-tighten the fastening screws and bolts of the mold and Readjust the wall thickness adjustment screw to make the die gap more uniform.
  2. After the main engine temperature reaches the set temperature and keep warm for 30 minutes, turn on the main engine oil pump, lubrication, cooling system and water system.
  3. After confirming that the synchronization, screw and feeding speed control knobs of the China JWELL host are all at the "zero" position or at the minimum position, start the host motor and accelerate to about 5RPM slowly and evenly.
  4. Start the feeding motor of the feeding system, and make the feeding revolution run at a lower speed relative to the screw revolution, so that the feeding is in a "starved" state.
    5.advanced pvc rigid sheet extrusion line, depending on the size of the current of the host, appropriately increase the speed of the host and the feeding. When increasing the speed, pay close attention to the change of the current. In order to avoid excessive current, the speed of the host should be raised first, and then the feeding. Rotating speed.
  5. Check whether the discharge is uniform, and use the adjustment to adjust the wall thickness of the material evenly.
  6. When the output of the die is uniform and the plasticization is excellent, it can be pulled into the setting sleeve. The judgment of the degree of plasticization needs to be based on experience.
  7. Observe the plasticization of the material from the exhaust port, turn on the water inlet switch of the vacuum pump in time and start its motor to vacuum the material in the barrel.
  8. Under the condition of uniform discharge from the die and good plasticization, use a knife to cut a circular hole directly above the tube blank and insert the tube blank into the sizing sleeve, and at the same time, turn on the cooling water in a small amount, and put it on the tube blank. cool down.
  9. Start the tractor and quickly adjust the tractive speed to a suitable speed.
  10. Cover the cooling water tank, turn on the water pump and vacuum pump, cool the tube blanks in the water tank and keep the vacuum degree in the water tank at 0.02~0.04Mpa.
  11. China JWELL as advanced pvc rigid sheet extrusion line supplier, according to the requirements of the product, adjust the coding content of the computer inkjet printer, and other settings and start printing.
  12. Start the cutter.
  13. Gradually speed up the screw and feeding speed of the extruder until the production speed reaches the requirement of the production speed, and start normal production.
  14. During normal production, the unpackaged products on the tube rack shall not exceed the following quantities: a. When a single tube is packaged, D75mm, D110mm is 5, D160mm, and D200mm is 3; b. When wrapping with packaging rope, all products Neither shall exceed 1.5 bundles.
  15. China JWELL as advanced pvc rigid sheet extrusion line supplier, for the sake of safety, during normal production, the operator must operate on the front of the extruder, and no one should touch any part of the body with the movable part of the machine.

Inspection and precautions during operation

  1. China JWELL as advanced pvc rigid sheet extrusion line supplier, pay attention to whether the current change of the extruder host is stable, if the fluctuation is large, the feeding amount should be reduced, and the feeding amount can be slowly increased after the current is stable, if the feeding amount is reduced If the current is still high, it should be stopped and checked.

  2. Check the gear reducer, the main body and other transmission parts for abnormal sound.

  3. Check whether the fasteners are loose and whether there is abnormal vibration during operation.

  4. Check the oil temperature in the gear reducer. Generally, the oil temperature should not exceed 60℃.

  5. Check whether the main and auxiliary machines’ main and auxiliary machines’ temperature control, cooling, lubrication, and vacuuming systems are operating normally.

  6. Observe whether the extrusion material of advanced pvc rigid sheet extrusion line is stable and uniform, whether there is poor plasticization, overheating, discoloration and unstable head pressure.

  7. China JWELL as advanced PVC rigid sheet extrusion line manufacturer, keeps records of the extruder’s temperature, pressure, main engine speed, feeding speed, primary machine current, vacuum degree, and other process parameters.

  8. Do an excellent job in the hygiene of the machine.

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