PP Board Extrusion Line Efficient Process

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    China JWELL is a plastic extruder manufacturer. The raw materials of pp board extrusion line enter the barrel from the hopper. Under the action of the screw rotation, they are forwarded to the feeding section through the frictional shearing action of the inner wall of the barrel and the surface of the screw, where the loose solids flow to the feeding section. The front conveying is compacted at the same time; in the compression section, the depth of the screw groove becomes shallower, and further compaction is carried out. At the same time, the heating outside the barrel and the friction and shearing effect of the screw and the inner wall of the barrel, the material temperature rises and begins to melt, and the compression section ends; The chemical section makes the material uniform, extrudes the melt at a constant temperature, quantitative and constant pressure, and forms after reaching the machine head, and the final product is obtained after shaping.

    Equipment composition

    China JWELL as a plastic extruder supplier, pp board extrusion line consists of extruder, die head and die, auxiliary machine and so on. The main engine of the plastic extruder is the extruder, which consists of an extrusion system, a transmission system and a heating and cooling system.

    current production line

    Extrusion Mode Comparison

    1. Extrusion

    China JWELL extrusion molding is also called extrusion molding in plastic processing. In non-rubber extruder processing, the hydraulic press is used to press the mold itself to extrude it. It refers to a processing method in which the material passes through the action between the extruder barrel and the screw, is heated and plasticized, and is pushed forward by the screw, and continuously passes through the head to make various cross-sectional products or semi-products.

    • The production process is continuous, plastic parts of any length can be extruded, and the production efficiency is high.
    • The mold structure is also relatively simple, the manufacturing and maintenance are convenient, the investment is small, and the effect is fast.
    • The internal organization of the plastic parts is balanced and compact, and the dimensions are relatively stable and accurate.
    • Strong adaptability, except fluoroplastics, all thermoplastics can be extruded, and some thermosetting plastics can also be extruded. By changing the die of the die, the cross-sectional shape and size of the product can be changed accordingly, so that various plastic parts of different specifications can be produced.
    • Wide application range, simple operation equipment, low investment, quick effect, hygienic production environment, low labor intensity, suitable for mass production.

    2. Injection molding

    China JWELL injection molding machine utilizes the property that plastic can be melted into a liquid after being heated to a certain temperature. The molten liquid is injected into a closed mold cavity with high pressure. After cooling and setting, the mold is ejected to obtain the desired plastic product.

    • China JWELL can inject various plastic products with complex shapes.
    • The product structure and size are more accurate and the surface quality is better.
    • China Extruder Machine injection molding products can be standardized, standardized and serialized.
    • The operation is relatively simple, the molding die is easy to adjust and update, and it can be fully automated with high production efficiency.
    • The investment of injection molding equipment is relatively large, the cost of mold manufacturing is high, and the molding process conditions of products need to be strictly controlled.
    • Short production cycle and high production efficiency.
    plastic extruder detail

    Features of pp board extrusion line

    • The pp board extrusion line screw is designed with special mixing function and high plasticizing ability.
    • The hanger-type die head adopts a special double throttle design, which makes the thickness adjustment of the plate more accurate.
    • Temperature control is ±1℃, which can precisely control the plasticizing process and the thickness and flatness of the plate.
    • Three-roll calender adopts horizontal, vertical or 45 ℃ inclination type, which can be raised and lowered freely.
    • Sheet thickness control adopts screw body adjustment and bidirectional adjustment of pressure wheel to precisely control sheet thickness.
    • China JWELL’s independently controlled roller temperature control system can precisely control the temperature of the pressure roller to make the thickness of the plate uniform.
    • Slicer, plate length and quantity are accurate.
    • The winding table device adopts advanced torque motor, which can adjust the speed and winding tension at will.
    • Equipped with an automatic meter counter to set the length of the product.

    In the current market, the pp board extrusion line is still dominated by single-screw models, and the equipment cost is much lower than that of twin-screw models. As a plastic extruder manufacturer, China JWELL has a stable pp board extrusion line, and can plasticize the raw materials well under a variety of different formulas, which ensures the toughness of the sheet and avoids the later stage of the sheet. Problems such as easy cracking and uneven color during thermoforming.

    China JWELL pp board extrusion line twin-screw model, although the cost is higher, but other aspects are excellent compared to single-screw. The twin-screw, the design flexibility of its thread structure is more flexible, which ensures the feeding of the extruder, and at the same time makes the formula material have better dispersion in the barrel, and the sheet will be more uniform. The machines of jwell extrusion machinery group have better price-performance ratio compared with the same models on the market.

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