Refine and enhance the user’s experience—2019 Jwell machinery opened technical personnel conference

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2019 Jwell machinery testing technical person conference

On February 13, 2019,Jwell company held the annual testing technical person conference in Taicang Loudong hotel .Chairman He Haichao, the board of directors members, general managers of various professional companies, testing person and technical person of various professional companies, and quality inspection ministers of various regional companies attended the meeting.

The first step is group discussion. It is divided into six groups: plate group (including mold and roller), pipe group, profile group (including screw), hollow group, chemical group (Dayun environmental protection) and chemical fiber group. In each conference room, the testing engineer made many suggestions for improvement of our equipment. In the wonderful interactive session, testing and technical person shall answer questions on their respective projects and products. Many testing person on the actual work of the unreasonable details threw out a practical problem, also put forward some change suggestions of humanized operation design. Technical team also made a detailed answer. Through the communication and learning of typical successful and failed testing cases in each sub-venue, we can better provide all-round services for Jwell users in 2019.

According to the market changes and requirements of the company’s board of directors, 2019 is defined as the quality year of Jwell company. For this reason, chairman Mr.He specially put forward the following requirements to the testing and technical person, especially to encourage young people to learn more, communicate more and grow up as soon as possible.The work is summarized as follows:

(1) Encourage testing engineers and technicians to learn more;

(2) Reform the existing assessment system, no longer taking the working times and seniority as the assessment basis, but changing to project assessment and capability assessment;

(3) Make the product more refined and stronger, and achieve the ultimate user’s experience;

(4) As the quality year of 2019, we will comprehensively improve the product quality and level. Testing engineers and technicians should give feedback and improve the user’s experience comprehensively from the perspective of customers.

(5) Facing the risks in the current market, remind and require testing technicians to find problems from themselves, constantly improve themselves and avoid risks.

At the end of the sharing conference, the most exciting part of course is the lottery session. Our prizes include 10 JBL multi-function bluetooth speakers, 10 samsonite shoulder bags and 30 Jwell LOGO backpacks.

2019 Jwell machinery testing technical person conference has been successfully concluded .For testing technicians, this is a passion, an attitude, a persistence,and a belief.

Now Jwell rises abruptly based on its accumulated strength. In such a positive team, we have no reason not to pay!

In the new year, we will enhance the quality of equipment and technology upgrading, and make new or old customers have good use of products and extreme service experience  with passion.We cheer for these great Jwell people. Today we will set out again, the work is beautiful! You are the most lovely lovers of Jwell products!

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